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Meta Miu, 
​The World's First Cat TO becOme aN Idol 

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Who is MIU?

Miu is a solo K-pop metaverse idol co-produced by Felix, the legendary Chief Producer of Fellaz and Fantagio, a major entertainment company in South Korea. 
Born in Seoul, Miu has been roaming the underground metro as part of the colony of cats that lived in Gangnam Station. One day she decides to hop on a train in hopes of becoming a star.

Produced by BAYC #8169, FELIX

Felix (BAYC #8169) is a legendary K-pop music producer well known for his knack for recognizing talent in the to-be stars he produced to fame. Constantly on the lookout for potential stars to train, he is met with Miu, a cat from Gangnam. 



MIU's First Debut Song "Uptown Boy" Co-Produced by FELIX AND FELLAZ is now available at

Holders who hold the full version music NFT or collected all parts of NFT will get Light stick which is the subscription right in platform.
Uptown boy
The Story of MIU
Story of Miu
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